Other catering options Meetings

Other catering options meetings

Extra lunch & cateringopties

Besides offering the standard meeting packages, we also have the opportunity to meet your needs during or after the meeting. Is there for example someone's birthday or you have something to celebrate? Room2Meet causes (homemade) cakes or pastries. Do you have in mind a particular theme and you want to close this with a drink or there is a need for a croquette at the meeting or training? Contact Us, since everything is prepared fresh in the kitchen, There are many opportunities!

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Examples of additional opportunities beyond our conference packages:

  • Fashion and sweet energy breaks into a healthy coat
  • Sugarfree, gluten free, lactose free or vegan
  • Brownies, muffins, chocoladecake, appel plaat taart
  • bananabread, sugar & gluten free
  • Smoothies always made fresh. With fresh fruit and yogurt and honey
  • Apple with cinnamon and spoon cottage cheese in glass
  • Hand fruit
  • Savory mini quiches (vegetarian possible)
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Glass of fresh drinking soup (Tomato soup, broccoli soup and zucchini soup)

Options dinner

  • Verse tapas buffet
  • Dutch stews buffet
  • Many different soups to pastries
  • Warm ham with sauerkraut on bread
  • Thai curry buffet
  • Indonesian buffet

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